1. Does this online training replace my instructor?

Absolutely not. Having a hands on instructor is one of the fastest and smartest ways to excel in the martial arts. Please note, only students of an affiliate location are accepted into the Tak Wah Pro schools student portal. If a student discontinues their training at an affiliate location, their membership with Tak Wah Pro Schools will also be discontinued. 

2. Can I earn ranking online?

Sorry, but we cannot offer student ranking online. Students who are hoping to obtain ranking under Sifu Tak Wah Eng Pro Schools must be training under an registered affiliate school. By searching the affiliate page you will see a list of affiliated schools.


1. As an affiliate can I earn ranking under Sifu Tak Wah Eng?​

Yes, the Tak Wah Pro Schools association is designed to help professional school owners further their knowledge of the martial arts and expand their curriculums or they can also offer an entirely new program to their students. You can create a small club within your school or offer the Tak Wah Pro Schools curriculum and training modules as your full curriculum

2. What does the Tak Wah Pro Schools curriculum include?

Tak Wah Eng's blend of the striking arts, grip fighting, trapping arts, live weaponry training drills, templates two man sets wooden man training "Muk Jung" meditation & Tak Wah Art. As well as training from guest instructors in self defense, Brazailian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and more. 

3. How long before I can start sharing the material with my students?

We want you to start sharing content with your students as soon and you feel comfortable. When you teach you learn twice. You will also learn what works and what does not work by teaching. Just be careful not to run to fast too soon. Start at any module you like, one module is not more advanced then another. When you feel competent, then feel free to share.

4. How far can another Tak Wah Pro School Affiliate school be from my school?

There is no radius restriction, however there are certain qualifications that may apply.

5. When will I receive coaching/instructor status?

Professional school owners will have to document their training hours via through camps, live training with Sifu Tak or with a full instructor under Sifu Tak.

6. What is required for my students to wear for this curriculum?
We recommend your student wear your school tee shirt, will your school uniform pants or sweat pants. No belts are necessary.

7. How will this program really help me and my school?

This program is to help professional schools owners become stronger on the inside of their school. In other words, this program will help you build unstoppable retention, especially amongst your teen and adult students. Your teen and adult students will love the strong bond and connection they will feel with you "their" instructor.

By implementing the live training drills presented in the Tak Wah Pro Schools curriculum, your students will be more eager to come to class and train.  They will be excited to learn new & exciting martial arts drills & templates that give them increased mental clarity, a higher level of thinking and strategy along with battle tested self defense etc. 

In closing this program will help the professional school owner add an additional program into their school if they choose. As a school owner you can integrate the training you are learning in any way you see fit.  You can also obtain full instructor ranking under Sifu Tak Wah Eng.