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Tak Wah Pro Schools System


Get Access To Complete Curriculum And Training Modules To Help Expand Your Course Offerings And Instructor Knowledge.


Experience A Martial Arts Curriculum Which Helps Improve Your Self-Defense Skills And Also Includes Spiritual And Holistic Health Training.

A Mark of Martial Arts Excellence

Our mission is to positively influence and serve the martial arts community world wide. We believe professional martial arts schools should be strong on the inside- through professional ongoing training that respects and honors tradition while inspiring innovation for the modern day martial artist.

Experience The Benefits Of Being An Affiliate

Pre-Configured Curriculum

We supply more than videos, we provide you with a complete curriculum to help you learn, teach and rank with our program.

Diversify Your Course Offerings

Our program gives your school many different styles of training to help keep your students excited and engaged in the Martial Arts.

50+ Years Of Martial Arts Experie​nce

You and your school can benefit from Tak Wah Eng's 50+ years of experience practicing and teaching various styles of Martial Arts.

Sample Lesson Video

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