Curriculum Benefits

  • Organized curriculum for learning, teaching and ranking
  • Legitimate training with over 50 years on martial arts experience
  • Eliminate the guesswork of having to design curriculum
  • Provide greater value to your students

Curriculum Modules Include:

  • Compete A-Z Striking Modules (Tak’s System & Method)
  • Complete A-Z Self Defense Modules ( Tak’s System & Method
  • Complete A-Z Weapons Modules ( Tak’s System & Method Chinese weaponry)
  • Complete A-Z Trapping Modules (Northern and Southern Kung Fu Drills)
  • Complete A-Z Two man weapon matching sets ( Tak’s System & Method
  • Complete A-Z Wooden Man Set Training (Tak blend of Tiger, Crane and Wing Chun)
  • Complete A-Z Strength and Conditioning drills
  • Healing Modules- Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine Training
  • “Core” Tai Chi Exercise for health and healing
  • Zen and the Martial Arts- “Seem Mo” Spiritual training for the modern martial artist
  • The Art of Zen- Scholar warrior. A man of art and painting- Internal heart and mind training to purify the body.

The training received in the above modules will give you years upon years of unique training and curriculum.

Off Site Training:

Affiliates who wish to obtain ranking under Sifu Tak Wah Eng can do so a few ways.

  1. Train with a full instructor under Sifu Tak Wah Eng- See affiliates list
  2. Train Personally with Sifu Tak Wah Eng- Chinatown NYC
  3. Attend the Tak Wah Pro Schools training camps throughout the year.
  4. Attend the Annual Tak Wah Pro School Dragon Ball in NYC