About Sifu Tak Wah Eng?

Nelson Mandela said  “To be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others something we must all strive for.

Sifu Tak Wah Eng
Imagine Zen
Sifu Tak grew up in Hong Kong after the devastation of Chinese society during World War II. His family was lucky to get out of mainland China escaping the brutality of the aggressive Japanese. The Chinese people suffered terribly during the war and long after it was over. To this day the atrocities of that war are still greatly controversial. The Japanese were unusually cruel in their inhumane treatment of their enemy combatants and the local population of elders, women, and children. The murders of Nanking are horrific accounts of the extreme crimes against humanity. The healing begins with the conversation of permissible warfare. Is it okay to rape, torture, kill the population of our enemy? The questions of how to have a better world are always in the consciousness of Sifu Tak.

Sifu Tak was born in Hong Kong in 1950. It was a life of poverty, lack of food, and hardship. When he thinks back, he remembers his mom cooking food for him to eat which included one small bowl of rice, a slice of cooked tomato and simple soup broth. He would be hungry for more and his mom would give him her portion. Soon he realized that his mom had given him all the food leaving nothing for herself. This caused him to become very upset as a youngster, and as he was thinking about it, speaking to me he became so sad. Tears were flowing from his eyes remembering back. He explained that his mom was like a saint. She was so loving, always protecting me from the horrors that surrounded us. I was so happy with her and we didn’t have anything but each other. No radio, no TV, no family, no money, Nothing. We had each other. We lived in a small apartment in a tenement building where we could go up to the roof to be free. Away from the streets and outside world we found our sacred space. Up on the roof other people from the building went there too, and we became like a little family. It was our safe zone where we could just be together without worry.

During this time his dad was in America living in New York trying to get the paperwork for immigration. It took 16 years to get the family reunited in the states but until then all he could do was dream. Throughout his childhood his mom instilled hope in his heart. She kept life happy with what they had and was always optimistic. Sifu Tak says that she must have been born that way. With optimism. He didn’t know how she could be so bright like a ray of sunshine, knowing now as an adult what she had been through in her life. His mom lost her parents when she was young and she had to grow up fast surviving in a world of chaos and distraction. How she found hope was beyond his own comprehension. All he could remember is that she was always cheering him up and keeping his mind focused on the possibilities ahead. This is how I became a dreamer. She taught me to imagine the world in vibrant color which changed my mind from darkness towards bright light. This is how I turned darkness into color. She taught me to be passionate about the rainbows in the sky, the fresh air we breathe, the birds that visited us on the roof, and the little qualities of our lives. She shared with me many sunrises and explained how glorious each new day is and brings. The new day brought new possibilities. For Sifu Tak this is how you manifest hope. Finding life every day with every new possibility. A new dawn on the horizon each and every day. The sunrise is so important because it is a time to get up, get in motion, and get the mind off to a good start. Many years ago his mom passed away but each sunrise is still there. It is at sunrise when Sifu Tak will meditate in the spirit of his mother. During his meditation he is at one with her spirit and he continues to be moved by her hope.
He dreams still of what is possible. He imagines Zen. He dreams of the peace that is possible in our world. He sent out his energy of love into the atmosphere in hopes that his dream of a more peaceful and loving world will be. It will be! This is his daily mantra.

The connection to his past brings him into the NOW.

One must feed the soul in order to endure difficult situations. Life is not easy, many people who should be your friend wind up hating you the most. There is no explanation they just do. Therefore I just don’t. I don’t want to hate just because they hate me. Probably because my mom ingrained in me that hate brings more hate and it condemns you to a life of hate. She instilled in my heart hope not hate. So whenever I find myself going towards hate, I get a sick feeling inside. A feeling that goes against everything that my mom put inside of my heart. I realized that even a little bit of hate made me feel extremely sick. I realized my medicine is hope, my mom’s love and compassion for things. Just the thought of my mom fills me with joy and comfort. If there was something I could give the world it would be the feeling of love and comfort my mom had blessed me with. Love that defeated an enemy like the Japanese hatred of our time. Don’t become like the hate that you hate. Her everlasting words embedded in Sifu Tak’s mind. Always be like the wind and allow yourself to be free.

You have an appointment with life, and that appointment is in the present moment. If you miss the present moment, you will miss your appointment with life. That is very serious. Please practice mindful breathing so you can return home and encounter life.

Learning is a process to develop oneself in a positive manner. It is a way to protect oneself through discipline & cultivation. Devotion to practice will bring forth the harmony and balance that will develop the best qualities in one’s life and in others. Learning the use of common sense when in use of self-defense. Never allowing ourselves to be abusive or offensive. Dedicated and motivated towards self mastery. Learn that you can do more with less. Be inspired by your own voice, not just others. Finding fun in daily life and living your dreams. Seeing the wonder and magnificent beauty all around our world. Believe in yourself , your ideas and your dreams.

The new become old in a never ending cycle
Legends were once nobody
Masters were once students
Wisemen were once ignorant
The trees were once seedling
The order was once chaos
The chaos was once order
From the many, comes the one
From the one, comes the many
The greatest darkness comes before the dawn
The first will be the last
The last will be the first
We are one for all
All for one
We all have our eyes open yet we still are working in the dark
Great failure will teach gratitude
Be gracious in winning and in losing
Be inventive and preventive as well
The future is written by those who write
Freedom to control your own destiny is the greatest gift in our world
Freedom is a process that needs individual’s who will encourage peace over war
The more bitterness you eat, the more life will become sweet
Inspire hope and love

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