Martial Arts Principal Balance and Harmony

Balance and Harmony

Martial Arts Principal-Balance and Harmony

Sifu Tak Wah Eng is constantly reminding us that as martial arts instructors we must maintain balance otherwise we will live is disharmony. If you are a martial arts instructor “Sifu” “Sensei” etc. You may be able to understand this following thought.

Many instructors sacrifice so much to teach their students and run their schools. Some of these sacrifices are missing time with your family and even sacrificing your health. You give so much attention to your martial arts school and students and do not realize that you are creating disharmony in your personal life, relationships and health.

Balance and harmony is already part of the universe and our daily lives. The sun and moon have balance and harmony. Night and day show balance and harmony. If you eat to little you starve if you eat too much you get sick.

So, the message is simple and direct. Seek balance and harmony.

Live according to the universe. We cannot deny that the universe operates as night and day or sun and moon. If the universe operates with balance and harmony, we may want to listen in and consider the message Sifu Tak is bringing to our attention.

Seek balance and harmony!

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