Double Edge Sword Training Principle

Sword Training Principle

Double Edge Sword Training Principle:

Often times we hear stories that our best friend has also become our worst enemy. This is one example of the double the sword training principle. In a recent lesson with Sifu Tak Was Eng he shared this example. One side of the sword is the best friend who always seems there for you.  He listens to you and you feel this is someone you can trust. In turn you do the same for him.

The other side of the sword is the same best friend that possess a dark side. He secretly becomes jealous or envious of your successes- it may be that he is jealous of your relationships, your finances, your occupation etc. Often times this person can hurt you the most because you are not aware that he feels this way. You have been so open and have shared so much of yourself with him so you are not expecting him to hurt you.

Unfortunately, it is those with this dark side that are most capable of cutting you or stabbing from behind.

This principle is not telling us to not have best friends. It is also not telling us to be afraid of success. However, it is teaching us to be aware that this does exist. You do not have to walk around paranoid, but you should be aware. Just like sword play in the martial arts. If you play the sword correctly your movements are clean, direct and can save your life. However, if you are play the sword incorrectly it can also cut you or someone else.

In life the best possible outcome is that both you and your friend/foe can both share successes to enrich each other.

In the martial arts, the best possible outcome is that you never have to draw your sword to hurt someone.

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