Martial Artist No Mind

Martial Artist No Mind

Martial Artist No Mind Principle!

Sifu Tak explained to me what having no mind means.

Sifu says our minds are like children in constant need of love and attention. Our minds can be all over the place and be wild.  Allow the mind to explore and be moved-yet do not let your mind be taken by the sensations-remain unmovable with the readiness to move by sensations and not to be ruled by sensations.

Sifu Tak uses martial arts as his way to focus on his true self – and all his sensations to be ruled by his breath – the self within- the training of breath is the way to keep our mind from not being taken by our other sensations. In time not taken by anything but time itself.

This is the art of nothing or art of letting go. 

Keeping the mind on the flow of breath teaches holding on as well as letting go.
One must learn to attachment and one must learn to let go.

Balance of the two will bring great harmony.
Sifu Tak explains a lil further- what he means – he says its like a Buddha on a Lotus.

A Lotus flower sets its root in mud, and makes the most beautiful flower bloom on mud.
This is the unmovable mind This is having No Mind!

Sifu Paula Wong-

Tak Wah Pro Schools.

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